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Plaintiffs' Claims

We prosecute plaintiffs’ claims in virtually every type of dispute from securities claims to intellectual property actions to competition litigation to shareholders’ remedies to franchise disputes.

We have vast court experience. We maintain a strong reputation for effective advocacy. We are skilled at managing the risks of litigation. We are fearless negotiators.

We are uniquely suited to plaintiffs’ claims. We service complex business disputes with countless documents and many witnesses by astute case management and effective use of litigation support technology.

We offer fair and reasonable fee arrangements to provide access to justice for plaintiffs. Our hourly rates are competitive, reflecting the value we deliver to clients in our niche practice area. Where appropriate, we will work with clients on a budget so that costs can be predicted and managed. At the request of clients, we may agree to share risks and rewards by means of contingency fees of not more than 50% in accordance with Law Society of Ontario requirements. We also may accept fixed fees for agreed steps in appropriate cases.